The Circle of Wellness

NEW_CIRCLE copy copyWellness is a concept that includes health and illness, life and death, construction and destruction, yin and yang, feeling good and feeling bad.

Understanding the facets of health and how they relate to Physical, Chemical and Emotional health is a key part of the Circle of Wellness system.

Helping you fine tune or create your own Circle of Wellness strategy is our primary goal.

The Chiropractic, Massage and Physiotherapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation facets of the Circle of Wellness address primarily the structure of the body.

The Detoxification and Cellular Cleansing, Nutrition and Weight Management facets address the ever important chemistry of the body.

The Coaching and Personal Development facets address the Mental to Emotional aspects of the mind and health.

The beauty of a Circle of Wellness practitioner is that many of the needed modalities are under one roof or as close as the telephone.

The Circle of Wellness not only stimulate healing but do so in an organized, natural, body, mind and spirit fashion.  Remember the Structure – Chemistry – Emotion Triangle from our introduction.