Staying Motivated to Workout

Staying Motivated to Workout

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23Need help staying motivated to workout?  Going to the gym can be challenging.  However, once you get into a routine, it becomes easier and easier.  Try to stay motivated by setting realistic and achievable goals.  Set both short-term and long-term goals.  A short-term goal may be to workout three times a week, and a long-term goal may be to complete a 10K run.  To stay motivated to workout, write your goals down in a place that you see daily!

Another way to stay motivated is to make working out fun!  The key is to find a workout that you enjoy.   You can test out what workouts you like or don’t like by going to classes.  A few of the more popular fitness classes include kickboxing, pilates, cycling, yoga, and Zumba.  You can also add some excitement into your workout routine by playing sports.  Get a few friends together for a game of volleyball, tennis, basketball, or softball.  Don’t be afraid to try new workouts!  Staying motivated is a lot easier if you make physical activity an enjoyable hobby rather than a chore.  Once exercise becomes a part of your routine, it becomes a part of your life.

Staying enthusiastic about physical activity can be difficult.  One way to stay focused is by rewarding yourself after a great week of workouts!  It’s important that your treat yourself after you’ve accomplished your goals.  The reward doesn’t have to be food related (although pizza is the ultimate reward).  You can indulge yourself and stay motivated by buying a new pair of running shoes or workout pants.

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