Preventing Injuries from Falls

Preventing Injuries from Falls

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A recent study has found that exercise and vitamin D help prevent older adults from sustaining injuries from falls. Finnish researchers took a study of 409 women, living at home, ranging from the age of 70 to 80. They were randomly assigned to one of four groups; the first group was a placebo without exercise, then a daily vitamin D supplement without exercise, the third group was a placebo with exercise, and lastly a vitamin D supplement with exercise.

The exercises were done at a regular pace for the length of two years. They concentrated on balance, weight bearing, strength, and agility. Although neither the vitamin D supplement nor exercise reduced amount of falls those who took vitamin D alone were 16 percent less likely to sustain an injury, those who were in the placebo with exercise were 54 percent less likely, and those who took both the vitamin D and exercise were 62 percent less likely to sustain an injury from the fall than from the placebo without exercise group.

The researchers suggest that taking vitamin D and physical conditioning increases bone density, which helps in preventing injury. However, as for vitamin D if you have sufficient levels taking more vitamin D will not help you.

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