Welcome to PDYOGA at the Circle of Wellness Center in Feasterville, PA

Our Mission is to guide on your personal journey toward physical, mental and emotional harmony through YOGA practice and the seven facets of  the Circle of Wellness. 

PDYOGA is a welcoming community for yogis of all experience levels. We offer a variety of different yoga styles that are perfect for students of all skill and body type.

At PDYOGA we encourage you to live your yoga on and off the mat! We are dedicated to helping you live the practice.

Discover Yoga’s Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Benefits

The word “yoga” means “union” and refers to the spiritual union between the mind and the body and the spirit. Through the experience of the breath and the movement of the body we cultivate a stronger relationship with the mind and the soul. Asanas (poses) are specifically designed to strengthen the body, release muscular tension, and tone internal organs. With regular practice, students benefit from less stress and anxiety, a centered mind, and an enhanced sense of well being. Health benefits include lower blood pressure, increased strength and flexibility, a stronger immune system, better stress management, and long-term weight loss. Regular yoga practice at PDYOGA will cultivate mindfulness and presence for a healthier lifestyle.

As a member of PDYOGA you receive the additional benefit of taking full advantage of the other services at this thirty year established Holistic center.  This includes Yoga and fitness classes, personal development workshops and training programs. Other services include, Personal Training, Massage and Physical Therapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Detoxification, Nutrition and Weight Loss, Personal, Professional and Health Coaching, Chiropractic and Electro-Acupuncture.

About Us

Real Yoga for Real People

Nobody enters the world as an advanced yogi — we all need to learn the basics of the yoga lifestyle somewhere. At PDYOGA there is absolutely no judgment, as each and every certified instructor understands that students must follow their own paths to yoga mastery. This spirit of calming and acceptance makes our local yoga studio an ideal setting for nervous beginners. We will guide you through the postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that are a part of each yoga class. You can do as much or as little during one of our classes are you feel comfortable doing.

In the same vein, PDYOGA serves as an excellent location for those who have already experienced all the great benefits of yoga and hope to take their abilities to the next level. Each certified instructor makes a point of tailoring classes to participants, ensuring that everyone is challenged enough to keep things interesting, but not so much as to cause discouragement. If you are an experienced yogi, we are happy to take you on as a new client and help you on your journey to master yoga at the next level.

Talented Certified Instructors

The teachers at PDYOGA have collectively spent dozens of years practicing yoga, and, as such, have plenty of first-hand experience with the resulting health benefits. But they are not just talented yogis — they also are exceptional teachers. By keeping their instructor certifications current, learning amazing modalities and variations on this ancient science, our teaching family always ensures a fresh and new experience in class. This enables them to ensure that students experience the full range of yoga benefits. We encourage you to ask questions before and after class, and get instruction about perfecting your postures during the yoga session.

If you’re ready to leave behind the stressful, endemic sense of competition that plagues many a fitness studio, you are the perfect candidate for PDYOGA. No matter your current skill level, you will be met with a smile and a willingness to help you be embodied and empowered in your practice. It’s time to leave the anxieties of everyday life behind and tap into your inner yogi! Contact us today to inquire about our schedule and sign up for your first yoga session.


Yoga means union and refers to the spiritual union of the mind, body and spirit. The study of Yoga is thousands of years old and the principles that guide our instructors and our PDYOGA at the Circle of Wellness Center staff align with the principles of Yoga.   

Exciting New Mind-Body Training Programs at The Lavanga Center

Private Yoga Sessions
Private sessions are a good option for beginners, schedule challenged, or advanced yogis alike. Your instructor will guide you through all aspects of your yoga mastery practice in a one on one environment.

30 minutes-$49.00, 60 minutes-$69.00, 90 minutes-$99.00 (packages available)

Flexibility and Rehabilitation
Learn our Proprietary and unique powerful training tool that you can practice for a lifetime. For healthy individuals, rehab patients, chronic pain sufferers, or those just losing range of motion due to daily activities or the aging process

30 minutes-$49.00, 60 minutes-$69.00, book only $7.00 book and 3hr training 207.00

Magnetic Healing
A profound way of looking at your energy and how you use it.  You will learn a procedure, and life-advancing tool that can help you balance your own energy and nervous system and therefore allow you the opportunity to provide the same for someone else.  Learn how to experience more moments of centeredness, love, gratitude, physical power and wisdom. There are a multitude of benefits to focusing the power of the human will.

30 minutes-$49.00, 60 minutes-$69.00, 90 minutes-$99.00 (packages available

Reiki Sessions
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is administered by “laying on Hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “Life force energy” flows through us and is what caused us to be alive.  If one’s energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

30 minutes-$49.00, 60 minutes-$69.00, 90 minutes-$99.00 (packages available)

PDYOGA (Personal Development Yoga) Program
A cutting edge mind and body fitness tool for busy, productive, goal-oriented people.  Learn to integrate your vision, mission, and goals into a laser beam efficient and effective exercise regime. (for all fitness levels) Training Manual, Video and 2 CDs included in package.

Products only-$299.00, Products Plus 3hr Training-$499.00