Your Health is in Your Hands. Don’t Lie to Yourself or Your Doctor

Your Health is in Your Hands. Don’t Lie to Yourself or Your Doctor

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Every time you go to the doctors office, you are faced with a slew of questions to determine your current state of health.  Most offices even have you fill out a health questionnaire prior to stepping into the exam rooms.  Family health history, personal health history, do you drink, how often, do you smoke, how often, etc.  The doctor will typically follow up by confirming your answers and asking several more based on your responses.  These questions are not to make you feel guilty; rather, they are to provide your doctor with the most information to make a diagnoses.

Too often – out of guilt, shame, fear, or simple forgetfulness – you are doing yourself a disservice by not providing your healthcare provider with the 100% accurate responses.  So, you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.  If you only tell your healthcare provider that you smoke 2-3 cigarettes/day, you are not providing them with the information they need to diagnose you.

After the appointment, when “doctor’s orders” are to cut back on the red meat and increase your vegetable and fruit intake, it is imperative to follow those guidelines as closely as possible.  You must take prescribed medication, as prescribed, in order to maintain your health.  In this article, the importance of the patient/healtchare professional trust is explained in relation to overall health and wellness.

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