Chiropractor Adjustments Shown to Reverse Heart Disease

Chiropractor Adjustments Shown to Reverse Heart Disease

A recent case study revealed a stabilization of a 54 year old man’s lipid panel after six months of chiropractic adjustments with no other treatments underwent at the time. Initially, the patient complained of high cholesterol and was combating this with a total of ten different medications. The patient also had a previous history of heart attack and angioplasty.

Natural health experts have been speaking out on this topic and according to Dr. Nate Blume, “Research is revealing that minor disturbances to spinal alignment and function may be a factor in a number of disorders. These spinal disturbances lead to nerve interference and can result in a host of disorders because the body’s homeostatic mechanism is thrown off.”

Essentially, damaging the neurological structures in the spine can lead to distress on the functioning of the body, in this case cardiovascular stress. If you can locate the cause of cardiovascular disease and take the necessary steps in reducing those risks it will be a much more effective strategy than medications. One such risk, such as the one in this case study, is vertebral subluxations, which result in structural and neurological intrusion to the spine and nervous system. The theory is once those spinal distortions are corrected by chiropractor adjustments, the body is more capable of balancing its physiology.

In this specific case the patient was diagnosed with vertebral subluxations in his neck, pelvis, and sacrum. After having these adjusted lab work showed that his cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides had improved, and he also reported that his mental and physical health had improved.

If you or a family member is suffering from cardiovascular stress feel free to contact Lavanga Chiropractic, you may have vertebral subluxations.