Bad Posture Affects Your Health

  • Bad Posture Affects Your Health

Bad posture can have many negative affects on your body and health.  Repeating poor posture can actually change and adapt your body’s alignment, causing you to experience pain.  Bad posture can cause what is referred to as a hunchback.  This is when your back forms a C shape at the top of your spinal column.  Bad posture can also cause rounded shoulders, which is common for people who work mostly at a desk.  To find out what may be causing your bad posture and ways to correct it, check out this site!

While a slow, slumped walk tends to make you drowsy, skipping helps you to avoid bad posture and raise energy levels.  A great exercise to help stretch your back and boost your energy levels is skipping.  According to an experiment, you are more likely to feel or think of something positive when you are sitting up straight.  Having good posture is important to your health and overall happiness.  In fact, your body language has the power to shape your personality and even change your hormones.  Check out Amy Cuddy’s famous Ted Talk to learn more!

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Shoes Can Cause Back Pain

  • Shoes Can Cause Back Pain

Feet are the foundation of the body.  Wearing shoes that don’t give proper support could contribute or even cause lower back pain.  To avoid nagging back pain, it’s important to try and find footwear with that have extra cushioning.  It may also be helpful to use insoles or inserts to help provide extra support.

One way to avoid back pain is to replace your sneakers when you notice that they aren’t providing enough support.  If you run or jog regularly, make sure to invest in a high-quality pair of athletic shoes.  By investing in a more supportive shoe, you’ll be able to get more use out of them and benefit from the extra cushioning.

Another shoe that throws off the alignment of the body are high heels.  When wearing high heels, you’re not walking in a natural position.  This can cause stress and strain on the lower back.  It is recommended to wear lower heels when possible.  Another way to avoid the strain caused by high heels is to limit the duration you wear them.  For example, while walking to-and-from work, wear your sneakers and switch into your heels when you arrive at the office!

Flip-flops are a less supportive shoe that can lead to stress and strain on joints and tendons.  In fact, wearing flip-flops for a long period of time can cause arch pain, heel pan, ankle pain or knee pain.  Flip flops are ideal shoes for the summer, but if you know you’ll be walking long distances, try to wear your sneakers!

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Staying Motivated to Workout

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23Need help staying motivated to workout?  Going to the gym can be challenging.  However, once you get into a routine, it becomes easier and easier.  Try to stay motivated by setting realistic and achievable goals.  Set both short-term and long-term goals.  A short-term goal may be to workout three times a week, and a long-term goal may be to complete a 10K run.  To stay motivated to workout, write your goals down in a place that you see daily!

Another way to stay motivated is to make working out fun!  The key is to find a workout that you enjoy.   You can test out what workouts you like or don’t like by going to classes.  A few of the more popular fitness classes include kickboxing, pilates, cycling, yoga, and Zumba.  You can also add some excitement into your workout routine by playing sports.  Get a few friends together for a game of volleyball, tennis, basketball, or softball.  Don’t be afraid to try new workouts!  Staying motivated is a lot easier if you make physical activity an enjoyable hobby rather than a chore.  Once exercise becomes a part of your routine, it becomes a part of your life.

Staying enthusiastic about physical activity can be difficult.  One way to stay focused is by rewarding yourself after a great week of workouts!  It’s important that your treat yourself after you’ve accomplished your goals.  The reward doesn’t have to be food related (although pizza is the ultimate reward).  You can indulge yourself and stay motivated by buying a new pair of running shoes or workout pants.

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Walking and Its Positive Impact on Your Body

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With today’s fast paced lifestyle and culture, it is sometimes easy to miss out on the simple things in life that will have a positive effect on your health: meditation, yoga, healthy eating and most importantly walking.  Most of us walk in some way, shape or form every day.  We walk to and from the car, around the office or at work, around the house – but do just as many of us walk for our health?  Some people take walks to clear their heads and have some alone time while others take group walks to catch up with friends or family as a way to stay in touch!

Walking has many positive impacts on your health and well being that have little to do with weight.  Taking a daily walk, even as slow as two miles per hour, can improve heart health and cardiovascular endurance!  The average adult is suggested to require 10,000 steps per day – minimum.  This seems like a LOT of work; however, taking a stroll at your lunch hour at work can take up a large chunk of those steps!  Most smart phones are even compatible with apps to track these steps.  Maintaining good posture during these walks will also improve your muscles required to maintain good posture while sitting and other non-walking activities!

For those who aren’t used to a more aggressive exercise regimen, walking is a great place to start!  Take the time you need and the pace that is (not too) simple for you and get started.  As with all exercise, consult with your doctor prior to starting a new regimen.  Contact Lavanga Chiropractic today to assist with your plan today!

6 Ways to Boost Your Exercise Motivation

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Exercise is great for your health, however, many of us are guilty with finding excuses not to exercise.  It’s important to start getting motivated today in order to see results.  Instead of saying, “I’ll workout tomorrow,” try these six tips to start exercising today!

  1. Lighten Up Your Goals.  If you are having trouble getting started, try to make small fitness goals, especially if you’re new to exercising.  This will help you stay motivated rather than feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Track Your Progress.  Keeping track of your workouts will make you more aware of your progress and help you stay motivated to keep exercising.  You can track your progress by writing it down or using a mobile app!
  3. Delete Guilt. It’s normal when you’re first starting to exercise to miss a day or two, so try to delete the guilt.  If you take a a day off, just run an extra mile the next day!
  4. Focus Only On Yourself.  Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on yourself and take one day at a time!
  5. Get a Cheering Squad. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to help encourage you to stay on track!  It’s always easier to stay motivated when you have others cheering you on!
  6. Find the Fun in It.  If you aren’t feeling motivated to go to the gym, try a different workout.  Exercise does not have to be boring.  Try to mix it up and join exercises classes to find out what you enjoy!

Need help getting motivated to exercise? Lavanga Chiropractic is now offering personal training sessions!  Call today to schedule an appointment!

Eating Clean: Tips and Benefits

  • Eating Clean

Eating clean is one of the most challenging things to consistently do.  With a busy schedule, it can be very difficult to stay on track.  These 8 tricks can help you motivate yourself to eat clean:

  1. Get educated. Staying motivated to maintain a healthy eating life style requires your to learn about the food you eat.
  2. Make it personal. Eating cleanly requires you to focus on making real change in your lifestyle.
  3. Stop villianizing food.  Letting go of the idea of forbidden food allows you to open yourself up to a much healthier relationship with food.  Try eating clean most of the time and enjoy your indulgences the rest.
  4. 80/20 rule.  Connected to the last point, it will be easier to stay motivated if you follow the 80/20 rule.  Try eating clean 80% of the time and treating yourself 20% of the time!
  5. Be responsible to someone. Talk about your goals with others and take responsibility of them.  Taking ownership of your life style will help you stay dedicated to eating clean.
  6. Let go of the “diet” mentality.  Eating healthy is not a diet, it’s a life style!
  7. Find real food that tastes good to you.  Don’t be afraid to try new food and recipes…you may discover that you enjoy the taste of healthy food!
  8. Make a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Benefits of eating clean:

  • Cutting back on health care costs
  • Having more energy to play with your kids
  • Improving your immune system, over-coming health issues, etc.
  • Feeling better
  • Looking better
  • Improving the environment

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Back Pain and Brain Health

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According to WebMD a study shows how chronic lower back pain may not only be painful, but it appears to be impacting your brain as well. Researchers found that six months after spinal injections, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with pain, had thickened. Patients with lower back pain reported a difficulty concentrating, thus making it more difficult for them to perform the tasks. How we think has a huge impact on our lives and our bodies. We all face challenges. It is how we choose to process them that decides whether they will make use or break us. It is not only important to treat the pain. It is important to learn new healthy habits to better take care of your back and your health. In order to make a change that lasts. Do you know someone who has chronic back pain?

Back pain at best can be irritating at worst it can be debilitating. The impact it can have on your thinking process makes it even more critical to get help with it. There is no need to suffer anymore. Back pain impacts several areas of your life with your family, your career and how you feel about yourself. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

If you are suffering from back pain, call Lavanga Chiropractics to make an appointment today!

Dealing With Stress

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How do we improve how we deal with stress? What is the best way to deal with competing demands?  We live in a fast paced world. It is no wonder that with our constant connection to technology and how most of people never unplug that we are feeling overwhelmed.  For most people when they are stressed their breath becomes shallow.  It is a natural reaction to take shallow breaths during times of stress.  The next time you feel overwhelmed and are feeling stressed stop for a moment.  Notice how you are breathing. Is it shallow? What are you focusing on? Most likely you are scared of something like missing a deadline at work?  What is your body posture like? Are you slumped over?  Try radically changing your posture and your breathing.  You will want to fully oxygenate your brain with deep breaths and good posture in order to face your challenges.  Ask yourself what is it that you want in this moment?  What can I do right now to improve this situation? Next time you feel stressed take a deep breath and focus on what you want and then proceed. It may sound simple but this works.  To read more about stress management, click here.

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Desk Job Posture and Its Importance

  • Posture at a Desk Job

It is a safe assumption that most desk job workers (let alone most of society) do not have proper posture all day long. For most, it takes a conscious effort to maintain good posture at all.  Constant hunching over and leaning can cause major aches in your back which will last far longer than the desk you are sitting at.  Right now, while reading this, I bet you are adjusting your position in your chair.

While it is unavoidable to slip every now and then, you can follow a few simple tips to ensure you are maintaining good posture more often than not.  The simplest way is to utilize props – a lumbar support pillow for your lower back, an alarm to make you get out of the chair and move every 30-60 minutes at work, post pictures of proper posture at your desk, etc.  This article gives some other suggestions to maintaining proper posture for a desk job – although good posture is important for everyone!

If the damage is already done, try yoga to correct your spine damage caused by your desk job.   Yoga is a low-to-no impact stretching exercise that will help get your muscles in gear to make good posture even easier from day to day.  By working your muscles regularly, it will be easier to maintain good posture because your muscles will do most of the work for you!

Chiropractic Care Effectively Treats Headaches

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Do you suffer from frequent headaches or migraines?  Those suffering may benefit from chiropractic care to relieve their pain.  Research shows that chiropractic care is effective in treating patients that suffer from headaches and migraines.

Birmingham chiropractor Dr. Scott Duca found significant success treating patients for headaches by using non-invasive pain management techniques such as chiropractic care.  “Tension headaches can strike without warning, leaving a patient feeling as if their head is trapped in a vice,” said Dr. Duca. “Research shows that tension headaches can be triggered by spasms of the RCPM muscle. These spams can be caused by a loss of the normal cervical curvature in the neck or pressure from a cervical spine misalignment. By correcting the curve and misalignment, we relieve pressure on the muscle and stop the spasms, thereby reducing the likelihood that a patient will develop recurring tension headaches.”

Although chiropractic care cannot eliminate all headaches, regular adjustments do help many patients maintain proper spinal alignment.  This may play a role in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches.  Chiropractic care focuses on healing the underlying causes of pain.

If you are suffering from frequent headaches or migraines, contact Lavanga Chiropractic to schedule an appointment today!