Are you Lacking in Happiness?

Are you Lacking in Happiness?

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According to research, happiness is, to a large degree, determined by your genes.  Psychology professor David T. Lykken, says that “trying to be happier is like trying to be taller.” We each have a “happiness set point,” he argues, and move away from it only slightly.

If you notice that your genes are lacking in happiness, try the following strategies to help you foster positive emotions!

  1. Make a choice to become happy.  Happiness is an achievement that takes effort!  Decide to choose attitudes and behaviors that will lead to happiness.
  2. Cultivate gratitude.  University of Pennsylvania psychologist Martin Seligman suggests performing a daily “gratitude exercise.”  Everyday, try listing a few things that make you happy!
  3. Foster forgiveness.  According to research, holding grudges can affect physical as well as mental health.  Let go of bitterness and resentment in order to embrace happiness.
  4. Counteract negative thoughts and feelings by making a commitment to think positive thoughts.  If you find this challenging, try practicing mediation, rhythmic breathing yoga, or relaxation techniques.
  5. Money cannot buy happiness.  Research shows that once income climbs above the poverty level, more money brings very little extra happiness.

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