The Circle of Wellness expresses the seven facets of health

What you do now to support the 7 facets will heal you in the future. What you do now to neglect the 7 facets will haunt you in the future.

We understand the facets of health

Helping you fine tune or create your own Circle of Wellness strategy is our primary goal

Our Mission

To coach and encourage you to fully integrate all 
seven facets of health into your Circle of Wellness

Our Services

Understanding the facets of health and how they relate to Physical, Chemical and Emotional health is a key part of the Circle of Wellness system.



As it relates to your Circle of Wellness, detoxification or detox also...

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Stress Management

Stress management is such an important facet of your Circle of Wellnes...

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Massage and Physiotherapy

Therapies including massage, energy healing and physiotherapies are th...

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In keeping with the overall practice of the Circle of Wellness, you kn...

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Nutrition & Weight Management

The food you eat the air you breathe and the water you drink are the f...

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Working within your Circle of Wellness, choose an activity or two that...

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